Guardant Health relies on experience-driven Wi-Fi to keep the focus on early cancer detection

Guardant Health is transforming cancer care at all stages of the disease. And soon, this precision oncology leader will be able to detect cancer earlier than ever before as it is conducting a clinical trial for a blood test to screen for colorectal cancer and a clinical outcome study for breast cancer patients.

Guardant Health relies on experience-driven Wi-Fi from Juniper at its many sites, including its expansive new California headquarters.


Company Guardant Health
Industry Healthcare
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance

Enable easy collaboration and a smart office environment

Monitor proprietary digital sequencing machines 

Eliminate user complaints about bad Wi-Fi

Empower IT staff with AI-driven support tools


A warm, productive environment for groundbreaking clinical work

Guardant Health chose the iconic former headquarters of Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, California, as its new home as it accelerates its groundbreaking clinical work. Guardant Health’s innovations help cancer patients get the right treatment and pharmaceutical companies bring new therapies to market faster.

Smart office technology creates a welcoming, safe, and productive office and clinical lab environment for employees, including desk and conference room reservations and wayfinding. With 250,000 square feet of beautiful new space, Guardant Health’s new headquarters has room for 1200 workers. 


Scale network service delivery as the company grows aggressively

Guardant Health has used Juniper Mist wireless networking since 2018.

“Juniper Mist does things by default such as noise immunity that the other wireless vendors are just catching up to,” says Chris Gascon, Senior Manager of Infrastructure Engineering at Guardant Health.

With automation and AI-driven operations proven to assure the network user experience and streamline network setup and operations, Guardant Health deployed Juniper Wi-Fi in its new headquarters.

Juniper Series High-Performance Access Points work in conjunction with Juniper Mist Cloud services and Mist AI to deliver premier wireless access capabilities. Juniper Access Points work seamlessly with Inpixion for wayfinding and hoteling. IT staff use Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, with an intuitive conversational interface, to simplify and automate network operations.

AI-driven network automation and operations pinpoint brewing trouble and streamline IT support.

“I really like the automated troubleshooting with Mist AI,” says Brian Guevara, lead infrastructure engineer at Guardant Health. “We no longer have to coordinate a time with a user and take a packet capture to understand why something isn’t working. Mist AI automatically captures all the data for us.”


A network experience for smart offices and clinical labs

Guardant clinical researchers, bioinformatic scientists, software developers, marketers, and salespeople want to stay focused on improving clinical outcomes and quality of life for people living with advanced cancer.

“Our teams are constantly collaborating,” says Gascon. “They want to go from conference room to conference room without their video calls or screen shares dropping.”

Juniper Wi-Fi resolved a particularly knotty problem in the clinical labs. Guardant’s Digital Sequencing technology combines high-efficiency biochemistry with next-generation sequencing and a machine-learning-augmented bioinformatics platform to create what the company believes delivers the clinical sensitivity levels for best-in-class products across all stages of cancer.

Cameras inside the Digital Sequencing machines record operations. Regulatory and physical restrictions preclude a wired connection, and with the previous Wi-Fi, the cameras would often disconnect. With AI-driven Juniper wireless, the cameras stay connected, and the life-saving work of early cancer detection continues uninterrupted. 

“If our users have to talk about the Wi-Fi, it means the Wi-Fi is terrible. With Juniper Mist everywhere, people don’t talk about the Wi-Fi.”
Chris Gascon Senior Manager of Infrastructure Engineering, Guardant Health

 Published October 2021