Gigaclear Brings Fiber Broadband to Rural Britain

The English countryside is picturesque, but it’s a notoriously difficult place to get decent Internet. That is changing. Gigaclear is bringing fiber broadband to rural areas, so residents can enjoy the best of both worlds: country living and speedy digital connectivity.


Company Gigaclear
Industry Telecommunications
Products used MX960MX204
Region EMEA
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Homes and businesses across 200 rural communities gained ultrafast broadband


An elegantly simple network that scales easily to meet growing subscriber demand 


service agility and subscriber density with an advanced broadband network gateway



Digital connectivity is an engine of economic growth, productivity, and social inclusion. High-speed broadband makes rural areas more attractive as it gives people the freedom to live and work as they wish.

“Broadband can literally change lives,” says Melanie Gajic, head of networks at Gigaclear. “Every day, the technology is improving, and more things are done through Internet, such as cloud, storage, TV, video conferencing, working from home, surveillance technology, online shopping, news channels and social media, entertainment, gaming, and online learning education with remote schooling. These days, people are more dependent on a reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity than ever.”

“As we bring fibre to the home in more locations, our network needs to scale as traffic grows,” Gajic says. “We want to stay ahead of the demand curve to ensure we deliver an exceptional subscriber experience.”

Gigaclear’s state-of-the-art fibre network covers more than 22 counties across the South West, the Midlands, and South East of England. Its ultrafast Internet is available in 200 rural communities and serves more than 100,000 homes and businesses. Residents can choose broadband packages from 30 Mbps to 900 Mbps, while businesses can choose from 100 Mbps to 900 Mbps.

Building a new fibre network to deliver ultrafast broadband in rural areas means building a network for today—and tomorrow.

Gigaclear Challenge


Gigaclear uses Juniper Networks technology in its network, from the core to the broadband edge. Juniper Networks MX960 Universal Routing Platform provides high-performance routing, switching, security, and services for the core, while the ultrahigh-density MX204 Universal Routing Platform serves the edge. Juniper’s Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) solution, running on the MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platforms, enables Gigaclear to scale rapidly, efficiently, and reliably as its subscriber base and service portfolio grow.

“Going forward with Juniper, we are planning a core refresh using the MX10000 Universal Routing Platform, which will enable Gigaclear to grow, allowing our core network to be available and to scale rapidly, effectively, and easily as we build out networks in new areas,” Gajic says.

Gigaclear Solution


Digital connectivity is a major driver of opportunity, productivity, and creativity for residents and businesses across the countryside. Families can stay connected and entertained. Kids can tap into bountiful digital learning resources. Small business can thrive.

Gigaclear leads the way in breaking digital ground in rural communities, delivering bandwidth that accelerates growth opportunities for the company. “Migrating our core network to Juniper gives us the ability to create new services, especially for businesses,” Gajic says.

As Gigaclear connects more homes and businesses across Britain, it can count on its partnership with Juniper. “We really appreciate Juniper’s level of customer service,” Gajic says.

“We can have very technical discussions with Juniper,” she continues. “Having the ability to test new Juniper equipment is a strategic advantage. If an architect has a specific question, they can go directly to our Juniper account team and get the answer quickly.”

Gigaclear Outcome
"Migrating our core network to Juniper gives us the ability to create new services, especially for businesses."
Melanie Gajic Head of Networks, Gigaclear

Published May 2020