Dicker Data drives record revenues and reduces costs with AI-driven enterprise network

The pivot to remote work and distance learning drove a massive uptick in technology consumption. Dicker Data, a premier ICT distributor in Australia, stepped up to ensure its 6000 reseller partners could get the technology solutions their customers needed for business continuity.

With a focus on meeting its partners’ needs, Dicker Data realized record revenues in 2020. Success was enabled by the construction of a state-of-the-art warehouse and headquarters in Sydney’s south, all outfitted with a Juniper AI-driven enterprise network.


Company Dicker Data
Industry Technology
Products used AP43EX Series
Region APAC
Customer Success At-a-glance

Highly reliable warehouse Wi-Fi supports record-setting sales

Superior network experience for workers

Diagnose network health issues and resolve incidents quickly

Rapidly deployed warehouse Wi-Fi with Zero Touch Provisioning


Complex mixed-use environments require cohesive AI-driven network

With a strategic plan for diversification paying off, Dicker Data was able to offer a wide range of technology solutions and in turn more effectively service a larger number of resellers’ technology needs.

As orders surged during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction of a larger, state-of-the-art warehouse was impeccably timed. The new facility provided a 50% boost in warehouse space, and Dicker Data was ready.

Wi-Fi in the warehouse needed to support more than 50 workers and their mobile devices, scanners, and other tools used to identify, locate, and pack customer orders.

Dicker Data’s objective was for employees to have the best possible network experience as they worked to meet the expanding ICT needs of reseller partners and the businesses, schools, and government agencies they serve.


Experience-first network delivers secure, reliable connectivity

Improving the user experience and streamlining IT operations were primary factors in choosing an AI-driven wired and wireless network from Juniper. A Juniper Mist network was simpler to provision and manage, delivering cost effectiveness from Day 1.

AI-driven automation, actionable insights, and the elasticity of a microservices cloud make a Juniper Mist network simpler to provision and manage. Scaling up network services is now easier, and a cloud-based network eliminated the need for cumbersome wireless controllers.

Mist AI and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant support AI-driven operations and proactively resolve issues before users even notice. Juniper AP43 Wireless Access Points deliver high-performing Wi-Fi 6, and Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches deliver secure wired connectivity.


Smooth operations at Dicker Data lead to revenue gains

Reducing network complexity gives the IT team time back to focus on other strategic projects to support the business’ continued growth. IT can assure the right level of security and access across all locations. Shifting to a cloud-managed network means less hardware in the office environment and warehouse. And with a network that is easy to manage, IT can respond more quickly to new business requirements.

Dicker Data is well-positioned to continue on its growth trajectory.
Wi-Fi in the warehouse needed to support more than 50 workers and their mobile devices, scanners, and other tools used to identify, locate, and pack customer orders.

"Our staff must have secure, reliable access to the network, or they can’t do anything. The whole business, especially the warehouse, runs on wireless, and we’re dead in the water without it. Juniper gives us the ability to manage all the devices."
Warren Welch IT Manager, Dicker Data

 Published July 2021