Case Study

University of Arkansas Bolsters Research with the State’s Fastest Internet

Among the top U.S. public research institutes, the University of Arkansas aims to attract talent by offering the latest technology and blazing fast Internet access.

“The Internet is a critical utility for the campus students, faculty, and staff. The demand is even more intense now as the cloud technology trend accelerates.”

Elon Turner, Director of Infrastructure, University of Arkansas


Classified by the Carnegie Foundation as having the highest possible level of research, the University of Arkansas ranks among the top two percent of U.S. colleges and universities. A prestigious grant provided the university an opportunity to upgrade its network to 100GbE.

Business Challenge

The University of Arkansas must have fast, reliable connectivity to support researchers, handle the needs of faculty, staff, and students, and accommodate the shift to cloud services. Its research and education network needs are provided by the Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network (ARE-ON).

Technology Solution

The university and ARE-ON knew they could turn to Juniper for blazing fast connectivity. MX Series routers were installed in 2010, and upgrading them from 10GbE to 100GbE was quick and easy. Engineers replaced the switch control boards and line cards in the MX960 and MX480 routers. The 100GbE network was up and running the same day.

Business Results

Now the University of Arkansas has the fastest Internet connection in the state. The move to 100GbE has opened new research avenues and advanced cutting-edge work in areas such as Internet2. By upgrading the six-year old routers, the university achieved super-fast Internet access and protected its infrastructure investment, too.

“The Internet2 network will not only support advancements in research opportunities in Arkansas, it will also create and foster an environment of collaboration with colleagues and other researchers both nationally and globally.”

Steven Fulkerson, Executive Director, ARE-ON