Case Study

Network overhaul alleviates traffic bottlenecks and supports digital academic programs

Missoula County Public Schools overhauls its district network to accommodate new digital learning programs and growing mobile traffic.

“We went through bid responses with a fine-tooth comb, and Juniper kept coming up on top from multiple perspectives—financially, long-term investment, speed, and support.”

Russ Hendrickson, Senior Systems Information Manager, Missoula County Public Schools


Montana’s Missoula County Public Schools serves 8900 students across nine elementary schools, three middle schools, and five high schools. Delivering the academic resources students needed to thrive required an overhaul in the district’s IT infrastructure that included a big boost in network speeds.

Business Challenge

With plans for online homework and a growing use of instruction involving mobile devices, Missoula County needed to transform its legacy school district network into a technology-rich, digital learning environment.

Technology Solution

The Missoula County school district updated its 100MbE backbone to 10GbE using Juniper EX4300 Ethernet Switches in its core and distribution layers and Juniper EX3300 switches in the access network.

Business Results

Missoula County now has 10GbE connectivity that supports digital learning and online assessments across all school district buildings. The county has reduced traffic bottlenecks while future-proofing its network.

“We started in 2010 to create a 21st century model of change. We are driving forward with our academic and staff initiatives. We are excited about our local partner, Access Consulting, and with Juniper, who support our strategic vision.”

Hatton Littman, Director of Technology and Communications, Missoula County Public Schools