Case Study

Building an open, hybrid data center to support exponential growth.

Shutterstock’s elegantly simple approach to data center expansion brings significant advantages in business flexibility and scalable performance.

“The consistency, flexibility, and openness of the Juniper platform allow our developers to work freely without network constraints. With a hybrid model, we can use capacity in the public cloud or in our own data center, whichever makes the most sense for a particular application.”

Chris Fischer, Vice President of Technology Operations, Shutterstock


Designers, marketers, and social media mavens turn to Shutterstock for the perfect visual. An icon of the New York tech scene, Shutterstock has a nearly $3 billion market capitalization and enjoys annual revenue growth that averages about 30 percent.

Business Challenge(s)

Shutterstock’s challenge is one of massive growth. It collects more than 2.5 terabytes of data every day from photographers, videographers, and designers submitting tens of thousands of new art to be chosen for sale through the marketplace, and it expects exponential growth over the next few years.

Technology Solution

With MetaFabric architecture, Shutterstock has a high-performance and scalable data center network solution built on an open framework that gives the maximum level of network programmability and automation. By operating all switching, routing, and security platforms with Junos OS, Shutterstock brings consistency and simplicity to its operations. And, this Juniper solution positions Shutterstock to rapidly scale and adopt new applications and technologies as needed for the business.

Business Results

MetaFabric architecture has enabled Shutterstock to expand its data center to support exponential business growth while evolving to a private cloud. It can support agile processes to develop, test, and run new code more quickly, and it can adapt to changing business needs with an open, programmable network architecture. Greater automation and efficiency are also delivering a better experience for Shutterstock customers.

“Whenever I’m thinking about my network platform of choice, Junos OS is the one I’m most excited about,” said Chris Fischer, Vice President of Technology Operations, Shutterstock.

How we put it together

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