Case Study

Turning big data into big medical breakthroughs.

Users depend increasingly on the REANNZ network to support activities such as data replication, data sharing, remote access to storage, and bulk data transfer.

“Traditional best-effort IP networks work well for most applications but the trend in science is to become ever more data-intensive. As productivity in scientific research is directly proportional to the ease of moving data, it’s no longer just a matter of having fat pipes, but how you use them.”

Steve Cotter, CEO, REANNZ


REANNZ is a Crown-owned company that offers researchers, educators, students, and innovative businesses access to a global fabric of advanced networking capabilities that encourage collaboration and enhance the competitiveness of the New Zealand economy.

Business Challenge

The need to send data sets of 4TB or more between gene sequencing sites and New Zealand Genomics (NZGL) data center was being constrained by underinvestment in the networks gateway infrastructure, resulting in slow connections to REANNZ’s high bandwidth network and the potential of dropped packets.

Business Solution

In order to turn concept into reality, REANNZ selected Juniper Networks EX3300 Ethernet Switch as the endpoint for NZGL’s zero loss firewall bypass link, running at 10Gbps, the same speed as its network storage environment.

Business Results

With critical infrastructure now supporting the growth of genomic research, there has been a four-fold increase in end-to-end data transmission rates between New Zealand and the U.S. and a greatly improved user experience leading to increased research productivity.

“Having a vendor with a strong SDN roadmap was important and while we were not involved in the selection of Juniper Networks, we certainly concur with REANNZ’s decision and choice of technologies,” said Dr. Philip Lindsay, CIO, New Zealand Genomics Ltd.

How we put it together

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