Case Study

One network investment. Multiple dividends.

MercaSID wanted to provide a reliable network to its employees, guests, and business partners, placing its organization at the forefront of the market.

“After many meetings with Juniper, carefully studying their technology, and most importantly, working with the Juniper team, I was convinced Juniper Networks was the technology and company of choice.”

Johanny Hernandez, Infrastructure Technology Manager, MercaSID


Starting out as a producer of vegetable oils in the Dominican Republic in the 1930s, Grupo MercaSID is now a large manufacturer of Aceite Crisol, Induveca, and Manicera, and also a distributor of Kellogg’s, Kimberly-Clark, Hershey’s, Haagen-Dazs, General Mills, Deoleo, Clorox, Miller SAP, and Red Bull products through a 1999 merger.

Business Challenge

As more employees, business partners, and guests use IP-based applications and services to support the business, MercaSID’s network began experiencing reliability issues. Besides the network’s age, the support contract for its data center core and edge switches was ending. MercaSID decided to build a new network solution that would meet the demands of today’s applications and mobility.

Business Solution

MercaSID wanted to provide wired and wireless network access, while being able to properly manage network bandwidth for guests and subcontractors. The solution needed to seamlessly integrate both wired and wireless networking, provide a strong data center infrastructure, and be easy to manage. MercaSID chose Juniper Networks due to its strong business value for high-performance, highly reliable wired and wireless LAN, and comprehensive data center solution.

Business Results

With a new Juniper infrastructure powering its data center and headquarters operations, MercaSID can now support its business with a high-performance, 40GbE capacity network in its data center, as well as a seamless, reliable wireless and wired connectivity for its employees and guests, an upgrade that has improved network reliability and simplified network management.