Software Disaggregation

A more open, flexible, and reliable experience for faster innovation in the cloud.

Junos Evolved Network OS extends traditional disaggregation by creating a flexible consumption model for network operations. A cloud-optimized, microservices-based operating system with a deployment-hardened routing stack, Junos Evolved reduces the time and effort you need to plan, deploy, and operate your cloud infrastructure.

Junos Evolved facilitates openness and feature velocity on Juniper and whitebox switches and routers. Juniper’s legendary routing stack can be implemented on any Linux platform, acting as a forwarding plane, including servers and whitebox switches and routers.

Juniper’s support for SONiC is yet another step at the forefront of the disaggregation movement. Juniper network infrastructure implementing SONiC plus Juniper SONiC enhancements, such as MACsec and MPLS, offer cloud providers, service providers, and enterprises a best-of-breed technology approach to integrate the data center with the WAN. You can take advantage of the routing stack with the Junos containerized routing protocol daemon (cRPD) whether the underlying network operating system is Linux or SONiC.

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How Juniper can help

With our software disaggregation solutions, network operators can mix and match hardware under a single operating system. Juniper’s industry-leading routing stack further streamlines operational efficiency across the entire infrastructure.

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Open automation

Automation requires the underlying infrastructure to be open and programmable. Juniper’s open networking solutions provide rich telemetry combined with programmability through standard APIs. Benefit from automation through Juniper or third-party tools.

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Flexible operations

Disaggregation enables deployment flexibility by allowing you to mix and match hardware under a single operating system. Juniper’s industry-leading routing stack streamlines operational efficiency across the infrastructure, whether on Junos Evolved, SONiC, whitebox, or a Linux server.

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Reliable infrastructure

By default, a microservices architecture is designed to provide high reliability. It allows fault isolation between components and the ability to restart with the last state when problems occur. A microservices-based architecture enables hitless upgrades for individual components without impacting services.