ACX5400 Line of Universal Metro Routers

Choose between Ethernet aggregation (ACX5448), Ethernet aggregation with MACsec encryption (ACX5448-M), and Ethernet aggregation plus packet-optical convergence (ACX5448-D). These configuration options enable network operators to build out a 100GbE infrastructure where each node meets the specific demands defined by its placement in the network.

ACX5400 routers satisfy the growing demand for access network capacity, fueled by a new generation of gigabit-capable passive optical networks (GPONs), 4G/5G wireless base stations, and 10GbE user-to-network interface (UNI) service demands from business and residential customers.

Key Features

  • Up to 48 1GbE or 10GbE ports
  • Up to 6 100GbE ports
  • MEF 3.0-certified
  • MACsec encryption

Features + Benefits

High Port Density and Performance

Meet the demand for high-capacity metro aggregation with a variety of service options, including up to six 100GbE ports and a model with two 100/200GbE CFP2-DCO line-side ports for packet-optical convergence.

1U Integrated Platform Options

Choose from a variety of options including Ethernet aggregation, Ethernet aggregation with MACsec, and Ethernet aggregation with packet-optical convergence.

Flexible Architecture

You get the flexibility to deploy a wide variety of services, including Carrier Ethernet; Layer 2 services, such as multitenant, residential, and commercial metro Ethernet; and Layer 3 services based on IP/MPLS.


Ensure dependable and consistent delivery of mission-critical voice and video traffic with high availability features, such as in-service software upgrades and the and Junos OS.

Transparent Clocking

Gain innovative options for deploying and provisioning timing technology with transparent clocking, while meeting the stringent clocking requirements of mobile backhaul deployments and new services.

Service Visualization

Execute operational scripts and programs that monitor and analyze the network using service virtualization on a KVM-compliant virtual machine. The Junos OS SDK lets you customize provisioning and integration with third-party applications and tools.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Reduce operational costs and demand on resources while accelerating delivery of new services with fast remote provisioning.

MEF CE 2.0 Compliance

Support for MEF CE 2.0 standards for E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access services enables you to deploy a diverse array of offerings.


Jackson Electric Co-Op Sees 30% Work-from-Home Internet Surge

When the coronavirus crisis forced the shutdown of America, Jackson Electric Cooperative turned it up. Broadband Internet became a lifeline for the residents of Matagorda Bay, Texas, in the U.S., with miles of Gulf Coast beaches and fresh oysters, blue crab, and shrimp. Jackson Electric’s smart community network, built on a foundation of Juniper routing, easily handled a 30% surge in Internet traffic and a 130% spike in subscriber connections.

Jackson Electric Cooperative Image

ACX 5400 Line of Universal Metro Routers

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Front with Top view of ACX Series 5448 Router


The ACX5400 Series of 1U routers provide power-efficient metro aggregation and support full IP/MPLS functionality. They deliver the performance required for efficient 1/10GbE-to-100GbE metro aggregation, MACsec security, and packet-optical convergence.

Technical Features
  • Up to 48 1GbE or 10GbE ports
  • Up to 6 100GbE ports
  • MEF 3.0-certified
  • MACsec encryption
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Front with top view of ACX Series 5096


The ACX5000 1U and 2U routers are high-performance, high-port-density, metro aggregation solutions ideal for metro Ethernet access and aggregation deployments in Carrier Ethernet networks.

Technical Features
  • Up to 96 1GbE ports
  • Up to 104 10GbE ports
  • Up to 8 40GbE ports
  • MEF CE 2.0-certified
Front with Top view of ACX Series 710 Router


The ACX710 1U router is a hardened multiservice solution that delivers the performance, capacity, and features needed to provide universal metro access and aggregation services. It offers a high-density, cost-optimized metro solution in a compact footprint.

Technical Features
  • Hardened platform with 320-Gbps switching capacity 
  • MEF 3.0-certified
  • 24 1/10GbE ports
  • 4 40/100GbE ports
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