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Product Overview

Juniper Mist cloud services are moving IT operations closer to the intelligent Self-Driving Network™ in the era of the AI-Driven Enterprise. Juniper Mist WAN Assurance delivers simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair, and better visibility into end-user experiences across the WAN.

Juniper® Mist™ WAN Assurance is a cloud service that brings automated operations and service levels to the enterprise access layer at the WAN edge. WAN Assurance is a key component of the Juniper AI-Driven SD-WAN solution, enabling IT teams to deliver superior user experiences across the WAN. When used in conjunction with Juniper Mist Wired and Wireless Assurance, the service transforms and unites all operations across network switches, IoT devices, access points, servers, printers, and other equipment. Juniper® Session Smart™ Routers and Juniper® SRX Series Services Gateways provide rich streaming telemetry that enables application health, WAN link health, and gateway health metrics and anomaly detection.

The Juniper Mist AI engine and virtual network assistant further simplify troubleshooting and streamline the helpdesk with self-driving actions that automatically remediate issues. The Marvis Virtual Network Assistant turns insights into actions and fundamentally transforms IT operations from reactive troubleshooting to proactive remediation.

Juniper Mist cloud services are 100% programmable using open APIs for full automation and/or integration with your IT applications.


WAN Service-Level Experiences (SLEs)

Get operational visibility into user WAN experiences with SLEs for Session Smart Routers or SRX Series Services Gateways. Measure the impact of both gateway and WAN circuit health on end-user application experiences. A WAN Link Health SLE, which accounts  for network congestion, cable issues, and ISP network availability, delivers insights into how these factors are affecting a given network user or application. The  Juniper Mist SLE dashboard helps to identify root causes of suboptimal application experiences in just a few clicks and proactively isolate “needle-in-a-haystack” problems (Figure 1).


Juniper Mist WAN Assurance Datasheet fig01

Figure 1: WAN Service Level Experiences

Juniper Mist WAN Assurance Datasheet fig02

Figure 2: AI-Driven Enterprise Portfolio Overview

WAN Insights Driven by Mist AI

Know exactly how Session Smart Routers or SRX Series gateways are performing  with metrics and insights down to the port level. These include CPU, memory utilization, bytes transferred, traffic utilization, and power draw. WAN Assurance also logs gateway events, like configuration changes and system alerts. WAN and IPsec utilization insights tell you how much traffic traverses your encrypted tunnel versus your local breakout. You also get visibility into per-user and per-application performance and experiences (Figure 3).


Juniper Mist WAN Assurance Datasheet fig03

Figure 3: WAN Insights

Marvis, the AI-Driven Virtual Network Assistant for WAN

Marvis Virtual Network Assistant moves IT operations closer to the Self-Driving Network with simplified troubleshooting and performance analysis for helpdesk staff and network administrators. Marvis Actions is a one-stop information center that provides visibility into site-wide network issues that need immediate attention. Use Marvis Actions to find issues affecting user experience and get recommendations into resolutions (Figure 4).

Juniper Mist WAN Assurance Datasheet fig04

Figure 4: Marvis Actions

The Marvis Conversational Interface service allows IT teams to quickly get answers to troubleshooting questions. Simply ask a question in natural language, such as, “Why is my user’s video call experience bad?” and Marvis will provide recommendations to improve those experiences. Figure 5 shows Marvis informing IT of a WAN issue causing the CEO to have a poor video call experience.

Juniper Mist WAN Assurance Datasheet fig05

Figure 5: Troubleshooting an Application

SD-WAN, Powered by Session Smart

In addition to providing AIOps for day-2 operations, WAN Assurance delivers life cycle management and operations. This includes day-0 and day-1 operations for the Juniper AI-Driven SD-WAN solution with Session Smart Routers, which fuel an advanced, service-centric networking solution. Session Smart technology delivers an experience-based SD-WAN with deep session visibility and insights, and fine-grained session control. Its tunnel-free approach enables agile, secure, resilient WAN connectivity with breakthrough economics and simplicity.

With WAN Assurance, IT teams can onboard, configure, and deploy Session Smart Routers and SD-WAN with operations such as:

  • Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) and easy onboarding with Mist Claim Code
  • Easy templating for rapid scale deployments
  • Path and peering preferences
  • Service and application policies
  • Security policies
  • Network and NAT configuration

Session Smart Routers are available on dedicated appliances (Table 1).

Table 1: SSR Appliances and Suggested Locations
Appliance Suggested Location Max Throughput (Unencrypted) Relevant Datasheet
SSR120 Small Branch 1.5 Gbps SSR100 Line of Routers
SSR130 Medium Branch 2 Gbps (Line rate on ports)
SSR1200 Large Branch or Small Data Center / Campus 10 Gbps SSR1000 Line of Routers
SSR1300 Medium Data Center / Campus 20 Gbps (Max. throughput on NIC)
SSR1400 Large Data Center / Campus 40 Gbps
SSR1500 Extra Large Data Center / Campus 50 Gbps (Max. throughput on NIC)

The hardware datasheets provide standard specifications such as interface options, number of interfaces, encrypted throughput, memory and hard drive capacity, etc.

Session Smart Routers are also available in other form factors, including certified white boxes (see the Session Smart Routing datasheet) or the Juniper® NFX Series Network Services Platforms.

WAN Assurance also supports the following SRX Series Firewalls when deployed as WAN gateways:

  • SRX 300
  • SRX 320
  • SRX 340
  • SRX 345
  • SRX 380
  • SRX 1500


Risk Profiling Driven by AI

WAN Assurance is a key component of the Risk Profiling solution, which brings network security to the distributed network edge. Risk Profiling provides visibility into infected wired or wireless clients that’s observable within the Juniper Mist cloud and assigns a threat score determined by the Juniper ATP cloud. From within the Juniper Mist cloud, you can geospacially locate infected devices and take one-touch mitigation actions like ban or deauthenticate.


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