State of Louisiana Special Exclusions

The following Product Lines are excluded from purchase under State Contract Number 407246:

  • Professional Services, Section of Attachment B – Scope of Work.
  • Partner Services, Section of Attachment B – Scope of Work
  • Consulting Services
  • Lease Agreements

Storage Area Networking Purchases are limited to an individual contract line item cost not to exceed a cost of $50,000 each and a total release/purchase order amount not to exceed $1,000,000. Procurements shall not be artificially divided to circumvent the $1,000,000 threshold.

Equipment Installation is limited to the unpacking, inventory, assembly of components, rack mounting of chassis, patch cord/cross connects and powering up of equipment. Vertical and horizontal wiring and cabling materials, equipment room patch panels/frames/racks, etc. and labor charges are specifically excluded from the contract.

Initial Software Configuration is limited to the configuring of software to support the routing, switching, feature/function assignments and/or security parameters required on the initial turn up of the equipment and software to deliver a functioning network product to the purchaser. Consulting services of any type to include, but not limited to, system design, capacity analysis, network performance evaluation, as well as any ongoing technical support are specifically excluded.

Training is limited to pre-developed training in support of products available through this participating addendum that is included in a publicly available course catalog of training. No customized training is allowed.