Simplifying the data center for more profitable services.

The market has grown explosively and customers ranging from small to large enterprises are demanding additional services from their data center infrastructure providers. SW Hosting wanted to take advantage of this development by expanding its service portfolio. However, to do so it needed to simplify the management of its existing data center infrastructure. SW Hosting manages several data centers in Spain. Its service portfolio consists of cloud, collocation, and hosting services, and it uses proven solutions to provide maximum value and performance to its customers.


Company SW Hosting
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX SeriesSRX SeriesQFX Series
Region EMEA
"Juniper Networks MetaFabric Architecture is the perfect answer to our requirements. We are already planning to deploy new data centers in the very near future and are delighted with the Juniper Networks partnership. "
Xavier Serra Martinez CEO, SW Hosting

Business Challenge

Although hosting, collocation, and a disaster recovery option are valuable services today and will continue to be in the future, the focus has shifted to cloud computing. Small enterprises to large organizations are now clamoring for cloud offerings.

Technology Solution

SW Hosting decided to base its new data center infrastructure on the Juniper Networks® MetaFabric™ Architecture, using QFX Series switches as top-of-rack (ToR) devices, MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers, and firewall clusters implemented using the SRX Series Services Gateways.

Business Results

The new infrastructure allows SW Hosting to accelerate new product design initiatives, with the network supporting all types of connectivity topologies. Expanding one data center by increasing physical or logical server density, or adding a new data center altogether, is now easy and straightforward.

"We challenge the idea that high-performance data center networks have to be complex, because we believe in something different. We believe in simplicity; we believe in networks that are part of the solution —and not part of the problem."
Miguel Barreiros Professional Services Consultant, Juniper Networks