Post Luxembourg Automates Service Delivery of 5G, Video and Cloud

As Luxembourg’s largest national telecom service provider, POST Luxembourg serves the digital communications needs of both residential and business customers. Post Luxembourg is preparing to launch its commercial 5G service in fall 2020. Beyond the possibilities of 5G, Post Lux sees steadily rising customer demand for mobile, cloud, video, and business-to-business services.


Company Post Luxembourg
Industry Service Provider
Products used QFX10008 and QFX10016QFX5100MX10004 and MX10008
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Customer demand for 5G mobile, IPTV, and business services


Business flexibility and enhanced security through service chaining 


Automated delivery and configuration for operations to reduce costs


Secure, uncompromised services on an integrated network through service chaining



Mobile and Internet usage grows every year. Between 2019 and 2020, the number of mobile connections in Luxembourg increased 2.8 percent, and they now reach 134 percent of the population. Similarly, Internet subscriptions have increased 1.5 percent over the same period, while Internet adoption has reached 97 percent.

As the country’s largest telecom provider, POST is everyone’s biggest competitor, which means it has to constantly be at the top of its game as a leader in information and communications technology (ICT), especially when it comes to the launch of 5G services.

Being the connectivity of the future, 5G is more than just a revolution for smartphones and video-on-demand. Information transmission will be almost instantaneous, with connections that are up to 10 times faster. 5G will allow more medical follow-ups to be done remotely. Manufacturing will be more precise and efficient. Autonomous cars can reduce accidents and make roads safer.

Beyond the transformative opportunities of 5G, business and residential customers continue to consume more digital services.

“Customer requirements are driven by a set of needs, and digital transformation is driving customer experience,” says Akim Ziadi, in charge of ICT infrastructure at POST Luxembourg. “We built an agile and performant infrastructure to support this digitalization with 5G, intent-driven networking, and security services into our product offerings.”

Post Luxembourg Challenge


POST Luxembourg chose Juniper’s QFX Series Switches for the managed underlay network of its intra-data center fabric, and the Juniper’s MX10000 Universal Routing Platform for inter-data center connectivity. The QFX10000 line of Switches is used for the spine, while QFX5100 Switches are deployed as leaf nodes to support compute workloads. The fully redundant underlay fabric seamlessly connects resources across both new and existing data centers.

“We have incredibly complex and diverse environments in our data centers,” Ziadi says. “Our challenge was to interoperate with several data centers scattered across the country and allow workloads to move east-west traffic between those data centers. We also needed to bring new designs by delivering secure platform connectivity with service chaining in an automated way and keep end-to-end traffic visibility. The Contrail Enterprise Multicloud platform with Juniper Insights met all our criteria and is aligned with POST Luxembourg’s vision of intent-driven networking automation.”

“Juniper has a really open architecture that relies on standards, letting us easily interoperate with our ecosystem and third-party supplier,” Ziadi says. “One reason we selected Juniper is that, in a world which requires workload mobility for business agility, the network should be extended everywhere and security should be centralized and compliant with our policy and not relying on infrastructure constraints. The Contrail Platform is based on an end-to-end approach. We can deliver services whether the network is on-premises, in the data center, or in the cloud.”

Post Luxembourg Solution


With Contrail Enterprise Multicloud managing network policy and operations, POST Luxembourg can rapidly respond to changing customer needs. “With Juniper, we have a stable, reliable supplier that supports all our platforms and services,” Ziadi says.

“We needed to integrate security into all kinds of network elements,” he adds. “Juniper lets us add policies that bring security inside the network through service chaining, in order to automate our network deployments and ensure they are secure.

Even as demand for 5G, video on-demand, and other digital services grows, POST Luxembourg is well prepared to deliver exceptional digital experiences. With Juniper as its supplier, POST has built a flexible telco cloud that scales as it delivers services to its customers.

Juniper’s commitment to standardization and interoperability is key to achieving operational simplicity, enabling POST Luxembourg to easily connect other elements within its network and with other providers’ networks.

“In this way, POST Luxembourg is well positioned to support today’s and tomorrow’s most innovative and advanced technologies and solutions in its data centers. It keeps us ahead of our competition and enables us to meet our customers’ needs with their favorite mix of digital services,” he concludes.

Post Luxembourg Outcome
"One reason we selected Juniper, in a world which require workload mobility for business agility the network should be extended everywhere. We can deliver services whether the network is on-premises or in the cloud."
Akim Ziadi Head of ICT Infrastructures, Post Luxembourg

Published September 2020