Plusnet takes SD-WAN services to the next level in Germany with Juniper Session Smart Router

Plusnet has earned the trust of 25,000 businesses in Germany by delivering tailor-made communications services. Plusnet is applying the same attention to detail as it takes SD-WANs to the next level with a service based on Juniper Session Smart Router.


Company Plusnet
Industry Service Provider
Products used Session Smart Router
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance

Differentiate SD-WAN service on customer experience

Optimize customers’ application performance

Scale service easily as demand grows


SD-WAN service sets Plusnet apart

Plusnet planned to launch an SD-WAN service to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses in Germany. Its nationwide IP network extends to 200 cities and regions in Germany, offering extensive coverage and personalized service.

“We didn’t want to create a me-too product,” says Ronny Hanisch, product manager at Plusnet.

Successfully launching an SD-WAN service meant overcoming two key obstacles, starting with a perception of a significant cost savings through the use of inexpensive Internet.

“The SD-WAN cost story is mainly driven by US analyst reports,” says Hanisch. “But that is not the case in Germany. In the EU, we pay about the same or a little more for an MPLS line.”

Plusnet’s SD-WAN service had to offer more than just an attractive price: It needed to deliver a better user experience.

Rigorous attention to data sovereignty was also critical. Plusnet needed to assure customers that their data would be kept in-country.

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SD-WAN with breakthrough economics and simplicity

Plusnet launched its next-generation SD-WAN service based on Juniper Session Smart Routing.

The Session Smart Router transcends the constraints of traditional SD-WAN solutions to create a flexible, application-aware network fabric that meets Plusnet’s stringent performance, security, and availability requirements.

Plusnet’s SD-WAN service connects customers with an unparalleled user experience. Greater visibility, application control, and Zero Trust Security enable Plusnet to tailor the service to its customer needs.

As a software-based solution, the Session Smart Router is deployed in Plusnet’s data center, overcoming data sovereignty concerns. “Everything we do is hosted in our data center, not in the public cloud,” says Sascha Bülow, technical architect at Plusnet.

PlusNet (SD WAN) Solution

Unparalleled experience for connected users

Plusnet’s SD-WAN service delivers a better user experience as well as flexible choice of connectivity for remote sites.

“When a doctor is remotely operating on a patient 2000 kilometers away, the customer is very interested in the user experience,” says Bülow. “The customer is not interested in whether the backbone network has four or eight nines of reliability. They are interested in making sure the robotic arm does what the surgeon wants.”

And that’s what Plusnet delivers.

“With our SD-WAN service, we can offer the customer something they couldn’t have before: transparency on how their applications are performing,” says Bülow.

One of Plusnet’s first SD-WAN customers connected 1600 locations, and as demand grows, the company can easily scale while delivering an optimized experience for users.

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"Plusnet’s SD-WAN service improves the performance of customers’ applications and gives them maximum agility. Juniper Session Smart Router, the foundation of our SD-WAN service, is a game-changer for us."
Sascha Bülow Technical Architect, Plusnet

Published August 2021