Plusnet stops DDoS attacks in seconds with Juniper and Corero

Service providers are targets for cyberattackers, as cybercriminals hope that the threat of operational disruption will result in a lucrative payout. Plusnet, which provides communications and network services to 25,000 businesses in Germany, took a proactive approach to further improve the protection of its business.

Plusnet relies on Juniper Networks-Corero Joint DDoS Protection Solution to safeguard its business and its customers.


Company Plusnet
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX960
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance

Stop DDoS attacks in seconds

Saved millions of dollars

"Juniper and Corero allowed Plusnet to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks in real time. A relevant step to further improve the protection of our business and our customers."
Ralf Weber Head of Competence Center Network and Security, Plusnet

Protect against risk of business disruption and extortion

DDoS attacks have always been a part of the threat landscape, but as they grow in frequency, magnitude, and sophistication, business continuity risks are rising.

Plusnet, which reaches 200 cities and regions of Germany, wanted to automate DDoS mitigation, with effective, dynamic, and scalable protection that would further improve the protection of its national network from outages.

Plusnet Challenge

Detect and stop DDoS attacks in real time

Plusnet took a revolutionary approach to thwarting DDoS attacks with Juniper and Corero network security. The joint solution delivers real-time detection and line-rate mitigation of DDoS attacks, empowering Plusnet to stop massive attacks in seconds.

Axians acted as trusted advisor in this process. Thanks to Axians' expert advice, the Juniper andCorero DDoS protection solution was chosen. Axians was responsible for project management during implementation and the necessary tests.

The joint protection solution removes malicious traffic at the network edge, as close to the source as possible, delivering faster, more effective protection at a lower cost.

Juniper MX960 Universal Routing Platforms work together with Corero SmartWall Threat Defense Detector to rapidly identify, precisely detect, and automate mitigation of attacks. Analytics and continuous monitoring provide comprehensive visibility.

As DDoS attacks continue their inexorable growth, protection capacity can be expanded to tens of terabits per second.

Teamwork makes their business grow

Trial by fire for DDoS mitigation

The Juniper and Corero DDoS protection solution was immediately put to the test.

During the testing phase, the Plusnet team could see a manageable stream of DDoS attacks. With the Juniper and Corero solution, Plusnet is able to further improve network protection without any significant impact on network performance.

Plusnet has completely automated the detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks.

Plusnet Outcome
"Based on the initial situation and the long-term partnership with Plusnet, we knew exactly the requirements and were able to propose the best solution.”"
Sascha Fiedler Head of Sales Carrier and Service Provider, Axians

Published August 2021