Playtika creates infinite ways to play over an AI-driven enterprise network

Life needs play, and Playtika’s mission is to create infinite ways to play through its diverse portfolio of games. Personalized experiences and a delight of surprises keep millions of people coming back to play every day.

Playtika uses an AI-driven Juniper network to deliver better employee experiences and streamline network operations as it innovates and engages its digital audiences.


Company Playtika Ltd.
Industry Media and Entertainment
Products used Wireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceWAN Assurance
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance


Set up network proof of concept in 20 minutes 

34 Million

Over 34 million monthly active users of Playtika games

One of the first companies to deploy Juniper AI-driven Wi-Fi in Israel

Reduced complaints about the Wi-Fi 


Create a collaborative environment for rapid innovation

Ran Amir, IT systems manager at Playtika, saw the calculus of good networking shifting from uptime to user experience. “People want to come into the office and get to work,” he says.

Amir wanted to level-up, delivering a better network user experience to Playtika’s fast-moving developers, designers, marketers, and managers as they innovate at a breakneck pace.

He also wanted to free the IT team from the drudgery of managing wireless controllers and shift to an agile, cloud-managed network.

The biggest hurdle for the new Wi-Fi was easily connecting hundreds of different mobile devices to test new features and games. “We have a network-access control solution that was very challenging to integrate,” says Amir. 

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AI-driven enterprise network hits the jackpot

Playtika uses Juniper wired and wireless networking, driven by Mist AI. Juniper Series High-Performance Access Points work in conjunction with the Mist Cloud Architecture and Mist AI to optimize the network user experience while streamlining IT operations. Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches provide wired connectivity in its offices.

“Juniper Mist checks on the user experience,” says Amir. “With Mist AI providing insights from the access point to the cloud, our IT teams can investigate issues more easily.”

Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance replaces manual troubleshooting with automated wireless operations, giving IT unique visibility into network user service levels. Juniper Mist Wired Assurance simplifies operations, streamlines troubleshooting, and provides better visibility into connected devices. The AI-driven Marvis Virtual Network Assistant minimizes support tickets and helps resolve issues faster.

Setting up the proof-of-concept took only 20 minutes, including the integration of the potentially knotty network access control solution. “We were very surprised,” Amir remarks. 


Wi-Fi that stands up to intense collaboration and mobile game testing

“Wi-Fi usage is very high,” says Amir. “People communicate all day long and even do videoconferencing as they walk down the hallway.”

As Playtika designers and developers dream up cool new features, they test them out on hundreds of different mobile device platforms, all connected by Juniper Wi-Fi.

“We had some issues in our Belarus location with wireless,” says Amir. “With Juniper Wi-Fi, the complaints stopped.”

When issues do arise, resolution is swift. “Recently, our offices in Israel were experiencing interference,” recalls Amir. “We used Marvis, the AI virtual network assistant to investigate, but that’s the exception because Juniper Wi-Fi just works.” 

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“Juniper is very innovative. The Mist portal interface is very easy to understand and using. Juniper Mist answered all of our needs.”
Ran Amir IT Systems Manager, Playtika

 Published October 2021