Finland’s N2 marketing agency puts poor Wi-Fi experiences in the past with AI-driven wireless

“It sounds weird to talk about the importance of Wi-Fi,” says Alex Nieminen, CEO of N2, an innovative digital marketing agency serving local and global brands. “Wi-Fi is like water. You don’t notice it unless it’s missing. But here we are."

The Wi-Fi at the agency’s Helsinki office was a constant frustration. A Juniper wireless network, driven by Mist AI, overcame the challenges of a historic building, a bustling harbor, and the expectations of a busy creative agency.   


Company N2
Industry Media and Entertainment
Products used Wireless (Wi-Fi) Assurance
Region EMEA
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1 Hour per month spent managing Wi-Fi

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Overcame ongoing Wi-Fi frustrations with Mist AI


Eliminated Wi-Fi challenges in a historic industrial building

N2 makes its home in an old brick building in Helsinki’s docklands. Enormous windows flood offices with natural light and provide exceptional views. The sounds of the harbor filter in.  

It’s a gorgeous space to fuel creative work. But it’s a terrible environment for Wi-Fi.

“Everyone in our building had problems with their Wi-Fi,” says Nieminen. “If they could adjust their Wi-Fi signals, they cranked them up to be as powerful as possible, making the problem even worse.”

N2 Challenge

AI and machine learning optimizes user experiences

N2 engaged with its IT partner Core Service to find a solution. 

“The trial of Juniper Mist was a game changer,” says Nieminen. “After one day, we were convinced.”

Mist AI overcame a hidden problem: the passenger ferries in the harbor.

Mist AI, using a combination of AI, machine learning, and data science techniques, works in conjunction with Mist Cloud Services and Juniper Series High-Performance Access Points to deliver optimized user experiences and simplify network operations.

All Wi-Fi uses a radar detection and avoidance capability called dynamic frequency selection. The previous access points were frequently changing radio frequency channels, causing Wi-Fi signal dropouts and user frustration. But Mist AI learns which channels overlap the public radar frequencies and minimizes their use to deliver a better user experience.

“We no longer have any dodgy areas in the office without proper coverage or with significantly lower Wi-Fi speed,” says Nieminen.  

N2 Solution

Taking Wi-Fi for granted to unleash creativity

N2 staff have mostly returned to the office post pandemic, where the Juniper Wi-Fi network works silently in the background, as the agency helps clients crystalize their brands, reach new audiences, and grow sales through innovative marketing campaigns. N2’s studios are bustling as more clients want livestreamed events and video promotions.

“It’s hard to put a price sticker on working Wi-Fi, but the number of hours spent on IT support went from a lot to zero,” says Nieminen. “I would be surprised if managing the Wi-Fi takes more than an hour a month.”

An AI-driven Juniper network provides a strong foundation to create effective video and data-driven marketing for clients.

“People take the Wi-Fi for granted,” he says. “But as digital marketing and marcom become more data heavy, especially with video, you really need to trust your network to carry your load.”

N2 Outcome
“As digital marketing becomes more about data, AI, and video, our data storage requirements have gone up significantly. The scalability of a Juniper network is really important.”
Alex Nieminen CEO, N2

Published January 2022