ISP startup in India delivers superior fiber services with fast ROI

FusionNet differentiated itself from other fixed broadband providers in India’s National Capital Region with high-quality service that it sustained while rapidly growing its customer base. 


Company Fusionnet
Industry Telecommunications
Products used MX SeriesSRX SeriesEX SeriesMX480MX5Junos OS
Region APAC
Fusionnet Image
"The power of Junos OS has been a big help in terms of keeping a tight grip on operating costs and, as a result, we are targeting to be profitable at an operational level well within the first six months."
Pankaj Nagpal Chief Technical Officer, FusionNet Web Services

The broadband services startup relies on automated, policy-driven control of its Juniper-based network infrastructure to deliver and maintain high-grade services as it scales to thousands of new users.

Business Challenge

As a new entrant to the fiber Internet services market in India’s National Capital Region, FusionNet needed to differentiate itself right away with superior service. It also aimed to maintain low overhead so it could quickly achieve a return on its investment.

Technology Solution

Juniper MX480 routers function as centralized broadband network gateways in FusionNet PoPs. MX104 and MX5 routers support carrier-grade Network Address Translation (NAT) and aggregation routing. The SRX650 firewall secures FusionNet’s server farm, and the EX4200 handles switching in the provider’s operations center and PoPs.

Business Results

FusionNet rapidly grew its customer base without compromising service quality, thanks in part to the headroom afforded by 5.76-Tbps Juniper MX480 routers in its PoPs. With a centralized, automated network design, the provider keeps overhead low and reached operational breakeven within months.

"Service configuration is handled on the fly from our operations center and it is pretty much a set-and-forget exercise…the reliability of the network minimizes the need for troubleshooting, which enables us to focus our technical resources on revenue-generating activity."
Pankaj Nagpal Chief Technical Officer, FusionNet Web Services