CloudSeeds automates IaaS using SDN and a high-performance network from Juniper.

To realize its vision of a new class of automated IaaS services, CloudSeeds needed to create a new network platform, one that provided seamless, high-performance routing, switching, SDN, and security.

CloudSeeds has developed A.C.R.E. (Advanced Cloud Resource Elements), which uses standard prebuilt cloud components to create a highly dynamic Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) layer combining deep automation and complete virtualization to create turnkey solutions for its customers.


Company CloudSeeds
Industry Cloud Provider
Products used MX SeriesQFX SeriesSRX SeriesQFX5100MX80
Region APAC
"Our entire architecture is a software-defined structure, and everything we do must work over the network. We knew that Juniper’s technical philosophy fitted what we wanted to do, and how we wanted to do it."
Kevin Fibich Founder and Managing Director, CloudSeeds

Business Challenge

To help create virtualized infrastructures and provide IT services to its customers, CloudSeeds needed an open architecture that could be controlled and configured by third-party software. It also needed a network platform that could scale ahead of its requirements, and provide a highly resilient service to enable its customers’ businesses to grow.

Technology Solution

CloudSeeds used a number of Juniper systems to create its new software-defined A.C.R.E. platform. These include the QFX5100 Ethernet Switch, MX80 3D Universal Edge Router, SRX1400 and vSRX Services Gateways, and Contrail Networking to orchestrate the network and create different virtual networks.

Business Results

The new network has made CloudSeeds’ vision of zero-touch provisioning a reality. At the same time, the Juniper solution allows the rapid uptake of IaaS services by CloudSeeds’ customers, making their businesses far more agile and responsive.

"The Juniper Networks architecture is unique in the way it has helped us create a software-defined network, and in turn an entire software-defined data center. It has opened up a new world of possibilities for us and our customers."
Kevin Fibich Founder and Managing Director, CloudSeeds