Bonnier News keeps engaging content flowing in Sweden with AI-driven Wi-Fi

Bonnier News, the Nordic region’s largest media company, keeps millions of people informed about the most significant issues of day. To ensure that journalists, video editors, and other content producers could work collaboratively to report national, business, and local news, the company turned to Juniper’s AI-Driven Enterprise solution.


Company Bonnier News
Industry Media and Entertainment
Products used AP43Wireless (Wi-Fi) AssuranceEX2300
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance

6 million

daily users/readers

58 offices across Sweden with Wi-Fi

19 of which currently have Juniper Mist™ solutions installed


Wi-Fi user complaints

1 hour

to deploy Wi-Fi in a small office



“We’ve had a long history of unstable Wi-Fi,” says Johan Lindgren, IT operations manager at Bonnier News.

A poor network user experience made it harder for content, marketing, sales, and events teams in Sweden to collaborate and work the way they wanted—anywhere and anytime.

All that changed after Bonnier News refreshed its offices with Juniper’s wired and wireless solution, driven by Mist AI.

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Lindgren is a pragmatist, saying “Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi,” but notes that Juniper Wi-Fi is different.

“Juniper represents next-generation Wi-Fi with highly developed functionalities. I can see the Wi-Fi experience of someone who is in an office 50 miles away. No other wireless system is close to Juniper.”

The Juniper Series of High-Performance Access Points and Juniper Networks® EX Series Ethernet Switches work in conjunction with the Juniper Mist cloud architecture and Mist AI to deliver better user and device experiences along with simplified network operations. And Marvis Virtual Network Assistant enables rapid problem detection and root cause identification with predictive recommendations and proactive correction.

Time-to-value is rapid. “We can deploy Juniper access points in a small office in an hour,” Lindgren says.

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An optimal network user experience is critical for the content and production teams responsible for newspapers, TV channels, and magazines, as well as sales, marketing, and administration.

“We used to hear every day how poor the Wi-Fi was,” Lindgren says. “With Juniper, we have significantly improved our user experience and now have a higher connectivity with our clients.”

Wi-Fi and wired assurance enable AI-driven operations, freeing up troubleshooting tasks from network engineers and empowering the service desk. Knotty problems like misconfigured VLANs and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) errors are rapidly identified and automatically resolved with self-driving capabilities from Marvis.

“Before only our technical people could solve Wi-Fi problems,” he says. “Now our service desk can solve issues, and our technical team can focus on work like migrating to the cloud.”

Perhaps the biggest advantage is a meaningful relationship with Juniper. “The Juniper team interacts with customers to determine the product roadmap,” Lindgren says. “We can submit feature requests right from the portal. This is the way of the future.”

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Published March 2021