Bezeq International improves the Internet experience for 1 million subscribers in Israel

Bezeq International, Israel’s largest telecom company, is bringing fiber to the home (FTTH) in a massive, multi-year project, making it the largest fixed-line infrastructure in the country.

To deliver excellent experiences, the passive infrastructure provider modernized subscriber management, and access and aggregation routing infrastructure with Juniper Broadband Network Gateway (BNG), MX Series Universal Routing Platform, and PTX Series Packet Transport Routers. The new FTTH service offering enables a myriad of value-added subscriber services as well as rich business services.


Company Bezeq International
Industry Service Provider
Products used PTX SeriesMX SeriesJunos OS
Region EMEA
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Customer Success At-a-glance

1.4 million

Households to be reached by fiber Internet in the first year and 2.1 million within 5 years

Double Internet subscribers by 2025

Simpler, more reliable network supports efficient growth


Support to meet government mandate 


Bring ultra-fast Internet to Israel

“As a major ISP in Israel, we serve more than 1 million subscribers,” says Amir Addad, director of engineering at Bezeq International. “As subscribers move to fiber, they will increase consumption of bandwidth.”

Within the first year of the Internet upgrade project, 40 percent of households chose fiber to the home. The passive infrastructure provider plans to double the reach of fiber-based Internet services to 2.1 million homes—or 80 percent of Israeli households—within five years.

As is proven again and again, the more bandwidth people have, the more they use. Bezeq International wanted to prepare its network for the performance, reliability, and scalability needed to widely deliver ultra-fast Internet to homes.

It also wanted to improve network resiliency and redundancy to avoid outages that impact customer services by taking full advantage of BGP routing functionality. “In our previous network, if a line card in a router crashed, it could create serious problems for the service,” says Addad.

Deploying ultra-fast Internet is a top priority of Israel’s Communications Ministry, as is the move to IPv6 to support future 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. “We are committed to 50 percent of our subscribers having access to IPv6,” says Addad.

Bezeq International Challenge

Simplify and scale Internet services for massive growth

Bezeq International transformed its network with Juniper, allowing the provider to make FTTP accessible to more households, while simplifying service delivery. Bezeq International has a network foundation for efficient growth, providing business services like L2/L3 VPN and VPLS.

“Juniper has increased the scalability of our network by many factors,” says Addad. “We simplified our network, delivering more capacity in the same physical footprint.”

Bezeq International uses Juniper routing for its access and aggregation networks. Juniper’s Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) subscriber management solution helps the provider deliver multiple services to customers while simplifying service bundles and billing.

The scale and density of MX Series routers provide BNG functionality and aggregation services that include 100-Gbps uplinks to the company’s terabit-scale backbone. It uses Juniper compact PTX Series routers in its access network.

Bezeq International worked with Juniper Services for advisory, implementation, and migration. “Having a Juniper team in Israel that has worked with us for many years was very helpful for project success,” says Itzik Shliselberg, director of engineering operations and infrastructure at Bezeq International. 

Bezeq International Solution

Fiber Internet is a growth engine for Israel

Living outside of the major cities no longer means having to put up with sub-par Internet. Closing the gaps can bring more people into the digital realm, opening up employment, education, and training opportunities.

Bezeq International improved network resiliency and simplified operations, facilitating profitable growth. The company can manage service quality so everyone has a good Internet experience for gaming, streaming media, and other digital pursuits. Also unlike with its previous network, the engineering team can make changes and improvements without impacting service levels.

“We are a small team managing a lot of subscribers, and the stability, reliability, and rich telemetry of a Juniper network help us deliver a better subscriber experience,” says Addad.

Bezeq International can also meet the government mandate to support both IPv4 and IPv6 devices, paving the way for 5G and IoT services. 

Bezeq International Outcome
“With Juniper routing, we have a stable and operationally efficient network to deliver ultra-fast Internet to more households in Israel.”
Itzik Shliselberg Director of Engineering Operations and Infrastructure, Bezeq International

Published June 2022