Caribbean Resort Delivers Luxury Guest Experiences Across a Multitenant Network

Luxury travelers looking for the good life can find it all at Baha Mar, nestled on the beautiful white sands of the Bahamas. Visitors can enjoy one of the three top-tier resorts, play the slots at the largest casino in the Caribbean, swim at one of the dozen pools, or enjoy a massage at the spa.


Company Baha Mar
Industry Travel, Hospitality and Logistics
Products used EX4300 MultigigabitSecurity DirectorQFX5100SRX5800
Region Americas
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operations on a multitenant infrastructure


exceptional experience for guests


security, data, transactions, and guest privacy



Guests started arriving at Baha Mar in 2017, and an elite set of visitors are enjoying the many enticing activities the resort has to offer. Resort owners and investors set high standards for every facet of operations, including the resort network. “We had huge expectations for our network,” says Scott Mc Gannon, senior vice president of IT at Baha Mar. “We were creating a resort that offered more and better services, and the guest and employee experiences require a reliable, flexible network. We expected nothing but the absolute best.”

Baha Mar’s IT team was tasked with building a single high-performance network that securely served the three independently owned hotel brands: Grand Hyatt, Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, and SLS Hotels.

With so many diverse attractions, the network needed to support the operations of the hotels, restaurants, casino, spa, and golf course. In the casino, the network had to support detailed images from IP security cameras. Point-of-sale transactions also needed to travel the network from the spa, restaurants, poolside bars, and golf course. Alongside that mix of data, the resort’s phone system had to be ultrareliable for guests and staff alike.

BahaMar Challenge


With a Juniper network, Baha Mar could create a multitenant infrastructure to support the secure operations of the three hotel brands. Property management, casino management, finance, and phone calls for each brand are separated on shared infrastructure.

Juniper’s QFX5100 Ethernet Switch is used for the data center core network, providing high-performance, ultra-reliable connectivity and high port density to support resort operations. A Layer 3 IP fabric securely separates the traffic of each hotel’s applications and services. Even with the demands of voice and video across a multitenant environment, the network delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

A Juniper EX4550 Ethernet Switch at each hotel property provides aggregation to the data center. Using Juniper’s Virtual Chassis technology, multiple interconnected EX Series Ethernet Switches are able to operate as a single logical device, simplifying operations. The Juniper Networks EX4300 and EX2200 Ethernet Switches are used for access switching across the hotel premises.

The Baha Mar IT team and Juniper Professional Services deployed the Juniper Networks SRX5800 Services Gateway, which provides advanced security and massive scalability to protect an extremely challenging environment. As a next-generation security platform, the SRX5800 provides application security, unified threat management, intrusion prevention system, and integrated threat intelligence services.

BahaMar Solution


The network at Baha Mar is built to scale, easily handling technology-driven guest experiences and crowds of gamblers. As the positive reviews pour in, Baha Mar continues to deliver world-class resort experiences to guests from around the world.

“From start to finish, Juniper has done a fantastic job on network design, performance, and flexibility,” Mc Gannon says. “We are extremely happy with how well our Juniper network supports our luxury-first guests and our large staff of employees,” he says. “Juniper is helping Baha Mar become an international hospitality leader.”

BahaMar Outcome
Scott Mc Gannon, Senior Vice President of IT, Baha Mar
"We are extremely happy with how well our Juniper network supports our luxury-first guests and our large staff of employees. Juniper is helping Baha Mar become an international hospitality leader."
Scott Mc Gannon Senior Vice President of IT, Baha Mar

Published March 2020