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Juniper Mist Supported Hardware

You can manage a large portfolio of Juniper devices using Mist. The devices listed on this page can be managed through the Juniper Mist portal. Use the links below to get instructions for onboarding, installing, configuring, and maintaining your devices with Mist.

Getting started with Juniper Mist? Before you begin, set up your Mist account, organization, sites, and users. See Mist Quick Start.

Wireless Access Points

Juniper Mist Access Points work in conjunction with Juniper Mist Cloud and Mist AI to deliver premium wireless access capabilities.

Table 1: Juniper Mist Access Points and Related Documentation
Model vBLE?* Datasheet Onboard Device in Mist Install and Maintain Hardware
AP12 No AP12 Datasheet Quick Start AP12 Deployment Guide
AP21 Yes AP21 Datasheet Quick Start AP21 Deployment Guide
AP24 No AP24 Datasheet Quick Start AP24 Deployment Guide



No AP32 Datasheet Quick Start AP32 Deployment Guide
AP33 Yes AP33 Datasheet Quick Start AP33 Deployment Guide
AP34 No AP34 Datasheet Quick Start AP34 Deployment Guide



Yes AP41 Datasheet Quick Start AP41 Deployment Guide



Yes AP43 Datasheet Quick Start AP43 Deployment Guide


Yes AP45 Datasheet Quick Start AP45 Deployment Guide



Yes AP61 Datasheet Quick Start AP61 Deployment Guide
AP63 Yes AP63 Datasheet Quick Start AP63 Deployment Guide
AP64 No AP64 Datasheet Quick Start AP64 Hardware Installation Guide
BT11 Yes BT11 Datasheet Quick Start BT11 Deployment Guide

*Juniper's patented Virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (vBLE) technology provides indoor location-based services using a 16-element directional antenna array so you don't need to install individual battery-powered BLE beacons throughout your site.

EX Series Switches

EX Series switches are high-performance switches that are suitable for enterprise branch, campus, and data center deployments.


For the Wired Assurance support, the minimum required Junos OS release (firmware version) for Juniper switches across platforms is 18.2R3. Be aware that 18.2R3 has reached end of support. We recommend that you upgrade to a JTAC-suggested Junos release. For the suggested releases, refer to Junos Software Versions – Suggested Releases to Consider and Evaluate. If you have any questions, write to

Table 2: Juniper Mist Supported EX Series Switches and Related Documentation
Switch Datasheet Onboard Device in Mist Install and Maintain Hardware


EX2300 Multigigabit


EX2300 Datasheet Quick Start Guide EX2300 Hardware Guide
EX3400 EX3400 Datasheet Quick Start Guide EX3400 Hardware Guide


EX4100 Multigigabit


EX4100 Datasheet Quick Start Guide EX4100 Hardware Guide


EX4300 Multigigabit
EX4300 Datasheet Quick Start Guide EX4300 Hardware Guide


EX4400 Multigigabit


EX4400 Datasheet Quick Start Guide EX4400 Hardware Guide


EX4650 Datasheet Quick Start Guide EX4650 Hardware Guide


EX4600 Datasheet Quick Start Guide EX4600 Hardware Guide

EX9204 *

EX9204 Datasheet Quick Start (Junos OS CLI) EX9204 Hardware Guide

EX9208 *

EX9208 Datasheet Quick Start (Junos OS CLI) EX9208 Hardware Guide

EX9214 *

EX9214 Datasheet Quick Start (Junos OS CLI) EX9214 Hardware Guide
* Non-cloud-ready EX model

QFX Series Switches

QFX Series switches deliver scale, availability, and performance for data center and campus deployments.

SSR Series Devices

Juniper Session Smart Routers power Juniper's AI-Driven SD-WAN solution. They provide a flexible, application-aware network fabric that meets stringent enterprise performance, security, and availability requirements.

Juniper Mist Edge

The Juniper Mist Edge is a standalone appliance that you can use to eliminate the need for legacy wireless controllers in campus deployments. It provides seamless roaming between APs through the use of tunnel termination, VLANs to replace remote VPNs, split tunnels for corporate and guest traffic, and dynamic traffic segmentation for IoT devices.

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