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PTX5000 Installation Overview

Overview of Installing the PTX5000

You must proceed through the installation process in the following order:

  1. Prepare the installation site for the PTX5000.
  2. Review all safety guidelines and warnings for the PTX5000.

    To avoid harm to yourself or the PTX5000 as you install and maintain it, you must follow the safety procedures for working with routers, as well as the guidelines and warnings for working with and near electrical equipment. However, providing an exhaustive set of guidelines for working with electrical equipment is beyond the scope of this documentation.

    See PTX5000 Installation Safety Guidelines.

  3. Unpack the PTX5000 and verify the parts received.
  4. Install the mounting hardware for your rack.
  5. Install the PTX5000 using a mechanical lift.
  6. Ground the PTX5000.
  7. Connect the PTX5000 to external devices.
  8. Connect the power, and power on the PTX5000.

PTX5000 Installation Safety Guidelines

Observe the following guidelines before and during PTX5000 installation:

General Installation Safety Guidelines

Before installing or moving the PTX5000, verify that the intended site meets the specified power, environmental, and clearance requirements. See the following documentation:

Chassis Lifting Guidelines

The weight of a fully configured PTX5000 chassis is 1,200 lb (544.3 kg). Observe the following guidelines for lifting and moving the PTX5000:

  • A mechanical lift is required to maneuver the PTX5000 into a rack.


    Do not attempt to manually lift a PTX5000.

  • Before lifting or moving the PTX5000, disconnect all external cables.