sae.Select Struct Reference

import "saeaccess.idl";

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Detailed Description

Structure used to identify attributes and to filter information retrieved from service definitions and subscriptions.

See, Subscriber.readSubscription, Subscriber.readService

Public Attributes

StringSeq attributes
 A list of attributes retrieved from the selected object.
string filter
 A string that contains a simplified LDAP query.

Member Data Documentation

StringSeq sae.Select.attributes

A list of attributes retrieved from the selected object.

The names of the attributes are Bean properties of the associated object in the SAE core API. See the online documentation for the and classes in the SAE core API. The online documentation for the SAE core API is on the SDX software CD at the following location: /SDK/doc/sae/index.html.

An empty sequence specifies that no attributes are to be selected. A sequence identified by an asterisk (*) specifies that all attributes be selected.

you can select fields of compound attributes (that is, the Bean property attribute or usage)by using the string "<compoundAttribute>.*"

string sae.Select.filter

A string that contains a simplified LDAP query.

The following lists shows the values that you can use for LDAP filters with methods that take filters as arguments.

List of <attribute>= <value> pairs

<attribute> - Name of an attribute; for example, serviceName or

<value> - One of the following:

You can also use the following values in filter strings:

Filter String Description

() Matches no objects

(*) Matches all objects

(&<filter><filter>...) And: true if all filters match

(|<filter><filter>...) Or: true if at least one filter matches

(!<filter>) Not: true if the filter does not match

NOTE: To define a special character (* & , ! | \ )in a string, precede it with the backslash symbol (\).

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