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sspPlugin.StateSyncPlugin Member List

This is the complete list of members for sspPlugin.StateSyncPlugin, including all inherited members.

authorize(in PluginEventType pet, in PluginContext ctx, in NameValueList attr)sspPlugin.PluginInterface
ping(in StringSeq pepIds)sspPlugin.StateSyncPlugin
PluginEventSeq typedefsspPlugin.StateSyncPlugin
readyToSync(in StringSeq pepIds, in boolean queueValid)sspPlugin.StateSyncPlugin
restart(in string pepId)sspPlugin.SyncPluginInterface
restartComplete(in string pepId, in boolean isPepReset)sspPlugin.SyncPluginInterface
stop(in string pepId)sspPlugin.SyncPluginInterface
StringSeq typedefsspPlugin.StateSyncPlugin
syncComplete(in StringSeq pepIds)sspPlugin.StateSyncPlugin
track(in PluginEventType pet, in PluginContext ctx, in NameValueList nvl, inout SubscriptionInfo subscription)sspPlugin.PluginInterface
trackBulk(in PluginEventSeq events)sspPlugin.StateSyncPlugin

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