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    Starting the SAE (SRC CLI)

    You must configure licenses before you start the SAE. When you start the SAE, the software verifies that a valid license is available. If no license is found, the SAE does not start.

    To start the SAE:

    • From operational mode, enable the SAE.
      user@host> enable component sae Check license: OKStarting sae: may take a few minutes...


    • Before executing the show sae commands, you must ensure that the SAE is started and running. The CLI may become inoperative if some of the show sae commands are executed immediately after enabling the SAE without waiting for the SAE to start. If the CLI is inoperative, press Ctrl+c and execute the show command again.
    • If you want to use the default SAE group (POP-ID) with the default values, enable the SAE without configuring the SAE local properties and creating an SAE group.

    For information about monitoring SAE data with the SRC CLI, see Viewing Information About the Directory Blacklist (SRC CLI).

    Modified: 2014-12-03