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    Schedule Configuration Guidelines

    Use the following guidelines when you plan and configure service schedules:

    • Do not configure schedules for services that are configured as persistent services on the router.
    • If activate-on-login is configured for a subscription, do not configure an effective period in a schedule for the associated service.

      Consider changing the configuration for this subscription to use an effective period, rather than activate-on-login.

    • Make sure you know the values for preparation time and action threshold that have been configured for the SAE.
    • Do not configure an effective period to overlap with an excluded time.
    • To avoid schedule conflicts, configure one service schedule to include all rules that control a service.
    • Determine whether or not a service to be scheduled has an authorization plug-in configured. If an authorization plug-in is configured for a service, you can create an authorization schedule for that service.
    • Create a schedule for a service under one of the following:
      • The subscriber tree (for example, o=Users)
      • The global service configuration (for example, o=Services)
      • A defined service scope (for example, o=Scopes)
    • Do not specify the time in a schedule entry that is more than 5 years in the past or 15 years in the future.

    Published: 2014-12-10