Subscriber Sessions on MX Series Routers Overview

The SRC software can manage subscriber sessions on MX Series routers. Common types of subscriber sessions on MX Series routers include:

You can manage subscriber sessions with the External Subscriber Monitor application and the change-of-authorization (COA) script service. You can use External Subscriber Monitor to authorize access requests from the MX Series router and to log in or log out authorized subscribers. You can use the pseudo-RADIUS authorization server in External Subscriber Monitor to limit the number of DHCP leases for a subscriber by specifying the interface-name attribute in the subscriber profile and then setting a parameter substitution for the dhcpLeaseLimit parameter for that interface. You can configure the COA script service to dynamically activate or deactivate services on the MX Series router. This method uses RADIUS attributes and RADIUS vendor-specific attributes (VSAs) to identify a subscriber session whose services are to be activated or deactivated.

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