Configuring Global Parameters (SRC CLI)

If you change global variables for policies, the change takes effect the next time a service is activated; the change does not take effect for active service sessions.

Use the following configuration statement to create a global parameter:

policies global-parameters name {description description ; default-value default-value ; type type ; }

To create a global parameter:

  1. From configuration mode, enter the global parameter configuration. For example, to create a parameter called bandwidth:
    user@host# edit policies global-parameters bandwidth
  2. (Optional) Enter a description for the parameter. You can provide extra information and examples of how the parameter is used.
    [edit policies global-parameters bandwidth]user@host# set description description
  3. (Optional) Configure a default value that the policy engine uses if no other values are provided during the parameter value acquisition process.

    See Parameter Types for valid values of each parameter type.

    [edit policies global-parameters bandwidth]user@host# set default-value default-value
  4. (Optional) Type of attribute for which you can use the parameter.
    [edit policies global-parameters bandwidth]user@host# set type type
  5. (Optional) Verify your configuration.
    [edit policies global-parameters bandwidth]
    user@host# show 
    default-value 5000000;
    type rate;

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