Configuring NIC Proxies for the SRC VTA

For information about NIC proxies, see NIC Proxy Configuration Overview.

You can configure a NIC proxy that passes the subscriber’s identifier to a NIC resolver and receives the corresponding SAE reference. This NIC allows the SRC VTA to immediately activate a subscriber’s quota service when a deposit is made to the subscriber’s account. This feature is available for subscribers who connect to the network through routers running JunosE or Junos OS.

Use the following statement to configure the NIC proxy for the SRC VTA:

shared vta nic-proxy-configuration name

To configure the NIC proxy for the SRC VTA:

  1. From configuration mode, access the statement that specifies the NIC proxy for the SRC VTA.
    [edit]user@host# edit shared vta nic-proxy-configuration name
  2. To complete the configuration of the NIC proxy, follow the procedure described in chapter Configuring SRC Applications to Communicate with an SAE (SRC CLI) in the SRC PE Network Guide.
  3. Create a reference between the shared SRC VTA group configuration and the NIC proxy configuration.

    From the [edit shared vta group name] hierarchy level execute:

    [edit shared vta group name]user@host# set nic-proxy nic-proxy

    Set the nic-proxy option to name you specified in Step 1. For more information, see Creating and Configuring an SRC VTA Shared Group Configuration (SRC CLI).

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