Viewing Information About SAE Device Drivers (SRC CLI)


View information about SAE device drivers. Each device driver manages one logical router instance.


To view information about the state of SAE device drivers:

user@host> show sae drivers
JunosE Driver
Device name                           default@dryad
Device type                           junose
Device IP                   
Local IP                    
TransportRouter                       default@dryad
Device version                        7.2.0
Start time                            Tue Feb 13 14:18:44 EST 2007
Number of notifications               20
Number of processed added             14
Number of processed changed           0
Number of processed deleted           6
Number of provisioning attempt        30
Number of provisioning attempt failed 0
Number of outstanding decisions       0
Number of SAP                         7
Number of PAP                         1
Number of active user sessions        100
Number of active service sessions    	0
  Job Queue
  Size                  0
  Age (ms)              1
  Total enqueued        28
  Total dequeued        28
  Average job time (ms) 426
  State Synchronization
  Number recovered subscriber sessions              0
  Number recovered service sessions                 0
  Number recovered interface sessions               0
  Number invalid subscriber sessions                0
  Number invalid service sessions                   0
  Number invalid interface sessions                 0
  Background restoration start time                 Tue Feb 13 14:18:49 EST 2007
  Background restoration end time                   Tue Feb 13 14:18:49 EST 2007
  Number subscriber sessions restored in background 0
  Number of provisioning objects left to collect    0
  Total number of provisioning objects to collect   11
  Start time                                        Tue Feb 13 14:18:45 EST 2007
  End time                                          Tue Feb 13 14:18:47 EST 2007
  Number of synched contexts                        7
  Number of post-sync jobs                          6
Session Store Info
Session Store Status                  sessionsCollected
Status Last Update Time               Mon Jul 29 10:26:26 UTC 2013
Current Usage Ratio                   1.0
Last Modified Time		 			  Size(KB) Name  LiveSessionsSize(KB)
Mon Jul 29 10:27:05 UTC 2013 		117.9      storeOps_1_1 117.9

To view information about the state of a particular device driver, specify all or part of the virtual router name. For device drivers running Junos OS and PCMM drivers, use the format default@routerName.

user@host> show sae drivers device-name device-name

To view only the virtual router names for the device driver:

user@host> show sae drivers brief
Router Drivers 
Router Name              Router Type 
default@simJunos            junos   

To restrict the number of displayed results:

user@host> show sae drivers maximum-results maximum-results

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