List of Figures

Figure 1: SRC Network with C Series Controllers
Figure 2: SRC-Managed PCMM Network
Figure 3: C-Web Page for SAE Configuration
Figure 4: Position of SRC ACP in the Network
Figure 5: Sample Page in Enterprise Manager Portal
Figure 6: Sample Residential Web Portal
Figure 7: Sample Login Page for a Residential Portal on a PDA
Figure 8: C Series Controller and Related Components
Figure 9: Deployment Scenario for C Series Controllers
Figure 10: C-Web Layout
Figure 11: Top Pane Elements
Figure 12: Main Pane Elements
Figure 13: Side Pane Elements
Figure 14: Policy Icon
Figure 15: Configuration Options for the C-Web Interface
Figure 16: Sample Configuration
Figure 17: Sample Community of Juniper Network Databases
Figure 18: Authentication Order: RADIUS, TACACS+, Local Password