Using the Pipe ( | ) Symbol When Entering Commands

You can filter output by adding the | ( pipe) symbol when you enter a command. For example, you can use the pipe symbol after show configuration:

user@host> show configuration ?
Possible completions:
 <[Enter]>            Execute this command
> interfaces           Interfaces on the C Series Controller
> policies             Policy configuration
> redirect-server      Redirect server properties
> routing-options      Protocol-independent routing option configuration
> services             Service configuration
> shared               Shared configuration
> slot                 Component configuration
> snmp                 SNMP agent
> subscribers          Subscriber and subscription configuration
> system               System parameters
|                    Pipe through a command

The following example lists the filters that can be used with the pipe symbol:

user@host> show configuration | ?
Possible completions:
  count                Count occurrences
  display              Show additional kinds of information
  except               Show only text that does not match a pattern
  find                 Search for first occurrence of the pattern
  last                 Display end of output only
  match                Show only text that does match a pattern
  no-more              Do not paginate output
  save                 Save output text to file

You can enter any of the pipe filters in conjunction. For example:

user@host> command | match regular-expression | save filename

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