Entering Configuration Mode

To enter configuration mode:

When you enter configuration mode, the following configuration mode commands are available:

user@host#  ?  
Possible completions:

commit               Commit a set of changes
delete               Delete a configuration statement or identifier
edit                 Specify edit level in hierarchy
exit                 Exit from this level
help                 Display help about commands and statements
history              Display command history
insert               Insert an identifier
load                 Load configuration from an ASCII file
rename               Rename a statement or identifier
rollback             Discard current set of changes
run                  Run an operational mode command
save                 Save configuration to file
set                  Set a configuration property
show                 Display configuration information
top                  Return to top level of configuration mode
up                   Move up one level in hierarchy

To enter configuration mode and lock the configuration to prevent other CLI or C-Web sessions from modifying the configuration in the database:

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