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    Troubleshooting Network Publisher Operations (SRC CLI)


    Description: The network publisher is not collecting the expected data.


    1. Make sure that the network publisher can connect to the configured routers.
    2. Make sure that authentication is configured correctly for the network publisher and on the router.
    3. Verify the configuration for the network publisher.
      [edit slot 0 network-publisher]user@host# show
      directory-connection {url ldap://;base-dn o=Network,o=UMC;principal cn=umcadmin,o=umc;credentials ********;}
      select {}
      logger log1 {file {filter /debug-;filename var/log/netpub_debug.log;rollover-filename var/log/netpub_debug.alt;maximum-file-size 2000000;}}
      logger log2 {file {filter /info-;filename var/log/netpub_info.log;rollover-filename var/log/netpub_info.alt;maximum-file-size 2000000;}}
      logger log3 {file {filter /error-;filename var/log/netpub_error.log;rollover-filename var/log/netpub_error.alt;maximum-file-size 2000000;}}
      routers {router-release-number 7.6R1;authentication {login-name admin2;credentials ********;}router elf {address;}router giant {address;}}
    4. Configure the network publisher to use an input file to ensure that the network publisher is collecting information as configured. Modify the content of the input file to reflect the router information.

      See Configuring Information to Test the Network Publisher (SRC CLI)

    5. Configure the network publisher to use an output file, and review the file.

      See Reviewing the Information Collected from a Device Running Junos OS (SRC CLI)

    Published: 2014-06-19