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    Rebooting the SRC Software

    In some instances, such as after software upgrades that make changes to the operating system kernel, you need to reboot the SRC software. Reboot requests are recorded to the system log files and the messages about the final stages of system appear on the screen when the command to reboot the system is run.

    To reboot the SRC software, enter the following command in operational mode:

    request system reboot
    Reboot the system [yes,no] ? (no) y
    BroadcasStopping HAL daemon: [  OK  ]
    Stopping system message bus: [  OK  ]
    Stopping atd: [  OK  ]
    Shutting down xfs: [  OK  ]
    Stopping sshd:[  OK  ]
    Shutting down smartd: [  OK  ]
    Stopping snmpd: [  OK  ]
    Stopping xinetd: [  OK  ]
    Stopping acpi daemon: [  OK  ]
    Stopping crond: [  OK  ]
    Stopping autofs:  [  OK  ]
    Stopping nscd: [  OK  ]
    Shutting down ntpd: [  OK  ]
    Stopping NFS statd: [  OK  ]
    Stopping irqbalance: [  OK  ]
    Stopping portmap: [  OK  ]
    Shutting down kernel logger: [  OK  ]
    Shutting down system logger: [  OK  ]
    Stopping pcmcia:  unloading Kernel Card Services
    [  OK  ]
    Stopping sysstat:  [  OK  ]
    Starting killall:  [  OK  ]
    Sending all processes the TERM signal... 
    Sending all processes the KILL signal... 
    Saving random seed:  
    Syncing hardware clock to system time 
    Turning off swap:  
    Turning off quotas:  
    Unmounting pipe file systems:  
    Unmounting file systems:  
    Please stand by while rebooting the system...
    md: stopping all md devices.
    md: md0 switched to read-only mode.
    Synchronizing SCSI cache for disk sda: 
    Restarting system.

    Published: 2014-06-12