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    Configuration Statements for SRC Component Logging

    Use the following configuration statements to configure logging for SRC components. You access these statements from the hierarchy for a component, such as:

    • [edit shared acp configuration]
    • [edit shared sae configuration]
    • [edit shared nic scenario scenario-name ]
    • [edit snmp agent]
    • [edit slot 0 jps]
    logger name {file-logger {device-filter-key device-filter-key;filter filter ; filename filename ; rollover-filename rollover-filename ; maximum-file-size maximum-file-size ;}syslog-logger {filter filter ;port port ;syslog-host syslog-host ;syslog-facility syslog-facility ; format format ; }}

    Note: The device-filter-key option is available only on the SAE component.

    For detailed information about each configuration statement, see SRC PE CLI Command Reference.

    Published: 2014-06-12