Defining Networks for Departments in an Enterprise

To define the networks for departments in an enterprise:

  1. In the navigation pane of the sample Enterprise Service Portal, click the subscriber for whom you want to define the department.

    The portal displays the information for that subscriber.

  2. Click the Departments tab.

    The Departments page appears.

    Figure 15: Departments Page

    Departments Page
  3. In the Department field, enter the name of the department.
  4. In the Department network field, enter the network that this department uses, or leave this field empty to use the department name.
  5. (Optional) Select Locked to prevent managers of subordinate subscribers from changing this value.
  6. Click Create.

This feature illustrates how service providers can use parameters and substitutions in the portal. The fields called Department and Department network are a name and value for a substitution, respectively. These parameters are also defined in SRC objects such as services and policies. The IT manager provides actual values for the parameters through the portal. Service providers could use these parameters to track and charge each department for the volume of bandwidth. For more information about parameters and substitutions, see Parameters and Substitutions .