Configuring Basic Firewall Services

You can create services with the Policies, Services, and Subscribers CLI or the Policies, Services, and Subscribers subtasks in the C-Web interface.

To create a basic firewall service:

  1. Create a service.
  2. Specify the following values for the service:
    • Category—Text string basicFirewall (service’s LDAP attribute sspCategory)
    • Description—Summary of what the firewall service does (service’s LDAP attribute description)

      This description will appear on the portal, and subscribers will use the description to select a firewall service. Although there is no upper limit for the length of this attribute, the portal will display the text in one paragraph.

    • Policy Group—Policy group configured for use with this service

For a sample firewall service, see serviceName=BrickWall, l=entJunos, o=Scopes, o=umc in the sample data.