SRC Software for Sample and Demonstration Applications

You can access the software for the SRC sample and demonstration applications, associated documentation for some of the applications, component software to support applications, the SRC SDK, and the product Release Notes on the Juniper Networks Web site. You can access the documentation for the Enterprise Manager Portal, the sample enterprise service portal, and the NAT Address Management Portal in the SRC PE Subscribers and Subscriptions Guide.

The sample applications are distributed either as Solaris packages or Web applications in the /Demos+Sample_Applications directory of the SDK+AppSupport+Demos+Samples.tar.gz file. Table 3 lists the sample applications provided in this file.

Table 3: Sample Applications


Type of Application

File or Directory in Archive File

Enterprise Manager Portal

Web application


Monitoring Agent application

Solaris package


NAT Address Management Portal

Web application


Sample Enterprise Service Portal

Web application


Sample residential portal

Web application


The archive file also contains components that support the sample and demonstration applications. Table 4 lists the directory and Solaris packages under the /ApplicationSupport directory of the SDK+AppSupport+Demos+Samples.tar.gz file.

Table 4: Components to Support SRC Sample and Demonstration Applications


Type of Application

File or Directory

Plug-ins for Configuration Editor



Python Runtime Environment

Solaris package


Configuration Editor

Solaris package


JAVA Runtime Environment

Solaris package


Python Libraries

Solaris package