Starting the SRC Client on a JunosE Router

JunosE routers use an SRC client to interact with the SAE. See JunosE Broadband Access Configuration Guide for complete information about configuring the SRC client on a JunosE router.

To start the SRC client:

  1. Access the router CLI.
  2. Access Global configuration mode.
    host1# configure terminal
  3. Switch to the virtual router for which you want to create an SRC client.
    host1(config)#virtual-router <vrName>
  4. Enable the SRC client.

    To enable COPS-PR mode:

    host1:<vrName>(config)#sscc enable cops-pr

    To enable COPS-XDR mode:

    host1:<vrName>(config)#sscc enable
  5. Set the primary address from the configuration directory.
    host1:<vrName>(config)#sscc primary address <ipAddress> port 3288

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