Viewing SNMP Statistics for Specific Devices (C-Web Interface)


View SNMP statistics about specific devices.


  1. Click Monitor>SAE >Statistics>Device>Common.

    The Statistics/Device/Common pane appears.

  2. In the Device Name box, enter a full or partial device name for which you want to display information, or leave the box blank to display all devices.
  3. In the Slot box, enter the number of the slot for which you want to display SNMP statistics for specific devices.
  4. Select a device type from the Type list:
    • junos—Displays SNMP statistics for device drivers running Junos OS
    • junose-cops—Displays SNMP statistics for JunosE router drivers
    • packetcable-COPS—Displays SNMP statistics for PCMM device drivers
    • proxy—Displays SNMP statistics for third-party drivers
  5. Click OK.

    The Statistics/Device/Common pane displays statistics for the specified device.

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