Configuring ToS Byte Conditions (C-Web Interface)

Use this condition to define a particular traffic flow to the service’s network for the DA IP field in the IP packet.

The CoS feature on devices running Junos OS supports DiffServ as well as six-bit IP header ToS byte settings. The DiffServ protocol uses the ToS byte in the IP header. The most significant six bits of this byte form the Differentiated Services code point (DSCP). The CoS feature uses DSCPs to determine the forwarding class associated with each packet. It also uses the ToS byte and ToS byte mask to determine IP precedence.

To configure ToS byte conditions in a classify-traffic condition:

  1. In the side pane, expand a traffic condition, and select ToS.
  2. Click Create, enter information as described in the Help text in the main pane, and click Apply.

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