SNMP Monitoring on C Series Controllers

You can create custom SNMP monitors to detect changes in MIB objects. Use custom monitors to generate an alarm and take action in response to an alarm.

To configure a monitor, you define a condition that when met generates an SNMP notification. You can define a monitor for any single MIB object (of type integer) supported on a C Series Controller. These MIBs include Juniper Networks enterprise-specific objects as well as standard MIB objects.

You can configure the following for custom monitors:

The SRC software supports the following types of alarm conditions for monitors:

A monitor supports only one type of alarm condition, or test, at a time. Each alarm can use one of the following sampling methods:

For alarms that do not have a configured event, SNMP sends the following notifications that are defined in RFC 2981—Event MIB (October 2000):

The default configuration for SNMP custom monitors assesses all objects in a MIB branch based on the object identifier specified for the monitor. For this type of monitor, you can configure SNMP notification MIB objects located in the same row as the object that generates the event, as well as for a single object. You can create sophisticated monitors by monitoring an entire branch, then creating notifications for multiple objects.

See the information about SRC MIBs on the Juniper Web site at

Also, see information about the disman event MIB in RFC 2981—Event MIB (October 2000).

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