Moving Among Hierarchy Levels in the SRC CLI

You can use the CLI commands in Table 4 to navigate the levels of the configuration statement hierarchy.

Table 4: CLI Configuration Mode Navigation Commands



edit hierarchy-level

Moves to an existing configuration statement hierarchy or creates a hierarchy and moves to that level.


Moves up the hierarchy to the previous level where you were working. This command is, in effect, the opposite of the edit command. Alternatively, you can use the quit command; exit and quit are interchangeable.

up number

Moves up the hierarchy level to the specified number of levels. The up command moves to the top level if the specified number is larger than the total hierarchy levels.

top configuration

If you do not give any configuration command, the command moves directly to the top level of the configuration hierarchy. If you give a configuration command, the command is executed from the top level of the configuration hierarchy.

Note: You cannot combine the top configuration command with exit, rollback, run, top, and up.

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