Adding Configuration Statements and Identifiers

When you use the ? help to view a list of possible command completions, the output includes symbols that provide more information about the statement. The following symbols can appear in a list:

The following example at the [edit system services] hierarchy level shows that authentication-order, domain-search, and name-server can contain more than one value.

[edit system]
user@host# show ?
Possible completions:
  <[Enter]>            Execute this command
+ authentication-order Order in which authentication methods are invoked
+ domain-search        List of domain names to search
  host-name            Hostname for C Series Controller
> ldap                 LDAP properties
> login                Login properties
+ name-server          DNS name servers
> ntp                  NTP configuration
> radius-server        RADIUS server configuration
> services             System services configuration
> syslog               System log configuration
> tacplus-server       TACACS+ server configuration
  time-zone            Time zone definition name
  |                    Pipe through a command

The following example at the [edit shared sae configuration driver] hierarchy level shows that mac-cache-expiration and unauthenticated-subscriber-dn are required statements.

[edit shared sae configuration driver]
user@host#  show ?
Possible completions:
  <[Enter]>            Execute this command
> junos                Parameters the SAE uses to manage devices running Junos OS
> junose               Parameters the SAE uses to manage JunosE routers
* mac-cache-expiration Time that a subscriber profile remains in SAE cache (0..I
NF s)
> pcmm                 Parameters that SAE uses to manage PCMM devices
> scripts              Scripts to customize setup of SAE connections to devices
> simulated            Parameters that the SAE uses for simulated drivers
> snmp                 Global default SNMP communities
> third-party          Parameters that SAE uses to manage third-party devices
* unauthenticated-subscriber-dn 
                       DN of an unauthenticated subscriber profile
                       IP address of the portal server
  |                    Pipe through a command

If you do not type an option for a statement that requires one, a message indicates the type of information expected. In this example, you need to type an area number as an identifier to complete the logger name:

user@host# set shared sae configuration logger 
syntax error, expecting <identifier>.

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