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    Installing SRC Application Packages

    To install an application library package:

    1. On the UNIX host where you will install the application library software, log in as root.

    2. Copy the Solaris package for an application to a directory such as /tmp.

    3. Launch the pkgadd tool.

      pkgadd -d /tmp

      The tool displays the available Solaris packages.

    4. Enter the desired package(s).

      You can enter the name or number for a single package, multiple packages separated by spaces, or the keyword all to select all the packages.

      The tool displays the license agreement.

    5. Press Enter to move through the agreement, and then enter y to accept the license agreement when prompted by the tool.

    6. Follow the prompt directions to accept the installation directory for the package, to permit the use of superuser scripts required for the package, and so on.

      Note: You can use the UNIX swmtool command to install the application packages, but this method requires that you install each application separately. If you use admintool directly, you can install multiple applications at the same time.

    Modified: 2018-09-20