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Updating Local IP Address Pools for Junos Virtual Routers (SRC CLI)


When you reconfigure local IP address pools on a router running Junos Software, you must update the LDAP directory with the local IP addresses that the virtual router provides.


The IP address pool updates feature is available only on Junos devices of type junos-ise. This feature is not available on other Junos devices such as junos and junos-dmi.

Before you update local IP address pools, make sure that:

  • The virtual router and junos-ise device appear in the LDAP directory.

  • Telnet or SSH service is configured on the Junos router.

  • Telnet or SSH users are created for the Junos router.

  • Telnet or SSH connection authentication parameters are configured by using the pool-retrieval option.

For more information about the pool retrieval parameters, see Retrieving Local IP Address Pool Information from Junos Router During Router Initialization and Pool Republishing (SRC CLI).

The IP pools are updated in LDAP directory only if there is a change in value of IP address pools on virtual router running Junos Software and LDAP.

Use the following command to update local IP address pools on a router running Junos Software:

To update IP pools from a router running Junos Software:

  1. Issue the request sae update ip-pools command, and specify the virtual-router option in the format virtualRouterName@deviceName. In this sample procedure the virtual router is vr1@junos-ise.